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Elastafibroma - Shoulder - Photomicrograph
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Elastafibroma - Shoulder - Photomicrograph
  • Case ID: 255
  • Diagnosis: Elastafibroma
  • Category: Soft Tissue Tumors
  • Category Type: Fibrous
  • Category Sub Type: Benign
  • Location: Shoulder
  • Age: 50
  • Sex: F
  • Treatment: Resection
  • Image ID: 2057
  • Image Type: Photomicrograph
  • Images relating to this case: 2053 , 2054 , 2055 , 2056 , 2057.

High power photomicrograph has been stained with Verhoeff elastin stain. It shows the black beaded elastin fibers, diagnostic of the elastafibroma. This patient was treated by a wide surgical resection, following which there was no recurrence.


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