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Juxta-articular chondroma Kaposi's Sarcoma Large cell lymphoma, Leimyosarcoma, Leiomyosarcoma, Letterer-Siwe disease, Leukemia, Low-grade intramedullary osteogenic sarcoma, Lumbosacral lipoma, Lymphangioma, Lymphangiomatosis, Lymphoma, Lymphoma pseudotumor (Actual: radiation osteitis), Lymphoma pseudotumor (Actual: stress fracture), Lymphoma with secondary osteogenic sarcoma Maffucci's Syndrome, Maligant fibrous histiocytoma pseudotumor (Actual: Hematoma), Malignant fibrous histiocytoma (MFH).
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How do I find what I'm looking for with Advanced Filter?
We're always working hard to help you easily find what you're looking for. These tips can offer help to find cases more strategically.

Filtering works differently from Search, in that it can decrease the results to be displayed, based on data specific critera enabling you to focus on what you are really interested in. It's always best to start with ONE selection and view the results, and then gradually add additional filters to limit the result sets further. Think of it it like going to the specific area of the library, and then narrowing the section that you look at by the categorized sections.

First, select the most descriptive menu that matches your direction such as Disease Category. For example, [Bone Tumors]. Avoiding being over specific, by selecting too many items from different menus which may lead to NO results.

Once you have made your First selection VIEW the results and then decide how you would want to filter further. Try adding filter criteria such as by diagnosis "Osteoid osteoma". If you still have too many results click back and filter by 3rd and 4th criteria like; Location "Distal femur" and Image Type "X-ray".

If you already know a specific case or image number, simply input that information and click the filter button.

Once you are familar with the types of results that exist in the library, you can make multiple selections at once if you know that there are records for your choices. Example: Show me "X-rays" of a "Distal femur", that are "Benign", and that they are part of the "Bone Tumors" category and diagnosis was "Osteoid osteoma".

If you're not looking for an exact match, try the search instead. When you enclose your search query in quotation marks, you'll only get results for the exact terms you entered in the order you entered them. For example, [ "Distal femur" ].


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